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Is University of Phoenix Good on a Resumé?

A degree or certificate from University of Phoenix can allow GED graduates, single parents and working professionals to learn, boost their skills and enhance their resumés. Whether you want to change careers altogether or you want to upskill for new opportunities, the knowledge gained at University of Phoenix can equip you with career relevant knowledge and skills. 

University of Phoenix takes a different approach to higher education. It embraced remote learning and flexible start dates years before these became mainstream. This made University of Phoenix the target of skepticism, but with a history reaching back well over 45 years, the University provides significant value and offers career support for life for every degree it gives.

Is University of Phoenix good on a resume?

Yes. As an accredited university, University of Phoenix is good to include on your resumé. 

University of Phoenix is an institutionally accredited university that functions in a similar way as other institutionally accredited universities. People sometimes question whether University of Phoenix’s out-of-the-box approach will help their resumé stand out in the job market. The good news is that University of Phoenix can be a great addition to your resumé for several reasons.

Four decades of continuous accreditation

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1978. 

The HLC accredits nearly 1,000 institutions across 19 states. This independent, nonprofit organization gives its seal of approval to universities that meet its Criteria for Accreditation for mission, integrity, teaching and learning, and institutional effectiveness. By accrediting University of Phoenix, the HLC provides an outside assessment demonstrating that it meets or exceeds requirements outlined in the HLC Criteria for Accreditation. 

By meeting the HLC Criteria for Accreditation, the University of Phoenix has demonstrated its commitment to quality and continuous improvement of its academic degree and certificate programs. In February 2023, University of Phoenix announced the HLC had reaccredited it for another ten years. This highlights the University’s recent efforts to create career-relevant coursework for adults and nontraditional learners. 

In addition to its regional accreditation UOPX holds programmatic accreditation for select programs in the following fields: 

  • Business

  • Healthcare

  • Nursing

  • Counseling

  • Education

  • Social work

This gives both students and future employers greater peace of mind that a University of Phoenix degree program will help educationally prepare students for today’s in-demand careers. 

University of Phoenix Degrees

Completing a degree program can open up opportunities to enhance your career. A degree is something to showcase on a resumé as proof of the foundational knowledge and skills needed in the workforce. Listing a degree on a resumé can open up career options since many jobs require a college degree to apply. 

University of Phoenix is not afraid to think outside the box. When it first opened in 1976, it made waves by offering more flexible options for higher learning than traditional four-year universities, which was revolutionary at the time. A degree from University of Phoenix can show graduates have the educational background necessary to pursue career opportunities as a professional in their chosen industry. 

Thanks to its innovative educational model, University of Phoenix’s degree programs can help learners enjoy the benefits of a college degree on their resumé but at a more affordable rate. By locking in tuition rates with the University of Phoenix Tuition Guarantee, students can enjoy greater peace of mind that their degree will come at a predictable cost.

Skills-tagged curriculum

University of Phoenix takes a career-focused approach to learning, understanding the purpose of completing a degree program is to apply knowledge and skills in the real world. That’s why University of Phoenix integrates career-aligned skills in every program.  

The University worked with a job market research company to identify in-demand skills for jobs and adds those skills to its degree program curricula. This ensures students are not only equipped with theory but also practical hands-on knowledge to help them become contributing members of the workforce. 

The skills-tagged curriculum allows students to demonstrate mastery in certain topic areas. The digital badging system helps learners see and share their progress once complete. University of Phoenix also provides online skills assessments that students can add to their resumés or LinkedIn profiles to demonstrate their skills to hiring managers and colleagues.

Networking and alumni connections

Skills are important, but University of Phoenix also recognizes the power of community to connect students and graduates with career opportunities. 

With well over one million alumni, University of Phoenix gives learners access to a large network of experienced professionals. The University’s large, growing alumni network allows students to connect with other graduates for networking.  Listing University of Phoenix on your resumé can help you connect with even more graduates in your local area, making it easier to forge connections in the workplace that could lead to new opportunities.

University of Phoenix is a Different Breed of University 

University of Phoenix provides greater access to higher education, which previously made it the target of skepticism. However, this unique approach does not change the fact that the University provides academic rigor and career -relevant coursework. 

University of Phoenix serves the needs of nontraditional learners who, without the benefit of online learning, non-traditional course delivery, and flexible start dates, might not have the opportunity to pursue a degree program at all. 

Being a Phoenix means being a pioneer, an innovator and a fighter. From first-generation college students to single working parents, University of Phoenix students embrace the school’s flexibility to improve their lives through the power of higher education. It might not be a traditional university, but University of Phoenix can be a solid for motivated professionals. 


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